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So much for tooting my horn. Here’s what others say:

"Pat Sharp is a master strategist. I was having a problem finalizing a deal with a prospect. She quickly zeroed in on the issue and coached me on what to say. The next morning I received an email from the prospect agreeing to my terms and wanting to take action. I’ve gone from inertial frustration to momentum. Pat’s consulting advice will result in revenues for 2012, time savings (mine), and a lot less frustration. She’s truly the Chief Problem Solver."
- Diane DiResta, DiResta Communications, Inc.
"Meet Pat, and you’ll become a fan. She has an uncanny ability to see connections among the people and organizations she interacts with.Pat’s extensive consulting background and network give her the ability to identify deals that her clients might be missing. 

Pat’s exceptional at cutting through the typical morass of deal making to make things happen quicker, on more of an entrepreneurial pace. Working with sales teams to improve productivity and eliminate sales dips / cycles is something she’s spent a lot of time doing for a number of organizations. 

Pat looks at her clients’ overall business strategies and creates sales strategies that are pragmatic, actionable and measurable, building the company's position in the market. If you want someone who can make good things happen for your organization, talk to Pat."
- Robert Cathey, PR/AR for open source cloud infrastructure, disruptive tech
"Pat brings years of solid business experience, accompanied by a passion for getting the big picture right first. With overarching goals clear and the mission in mind, Pat dives into the details, making sure that plans include the level of action and confirmation required to achieve the mission."
- Dr. Tom Janz, Chief Scientist, BDT International
"Her work has provided exceptional value. Pat has a passion for getting the most from available resources and pointing out opportunities to save costs and eliminate wasteful expenditures."
- Raghav Singh, CEO, The A-List
"I am impressed by Pat's ability to understand the processes involved in sales and other core activities. She is able to help companies to clarify their own internal processes and improve their efficiency. She has a wonderful touch with employees who are just learning the ropes, giving them the guidance they need to be successful."
- Emmi Tarr, Web Front End Developer

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