Strategic HR? What is the strategic part?


William Tincup posed the following question to his network: “If finance is the strategic part of accounting. Assuming accounting is mostly tactics. What’s the strategic part of HR. Assuming HR is mostly tactics of course. Workforce planning?” The question generated lots of interest and answers and sparked my thinking. His question made it clear that […]

Reach Out and Touch Someone!

Social media concept

What’s the single most useful tool for networking in the Connected Age? This could start a lively debate! Well, while I may lean toward LinkedIn over Pinterest, the real answer has nothing to do with social media. The most useful tool is making a personal connection, either face to face or over the phone.

Robots or Real People: Working in the Connected Age

Robot Receptionist

Did you follow Google I/O last week? I’ve been cramming my brain full of info on Google and other Cloud companies. I just finished reading The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen; I’m listening to In the Plex, by Stephen Levy and was totally fascinated by Robert Scoble’s video blog about Google Glass.

Harmonic Convergence?

harmonic convergence

What should we think about when our virtual and physical worlds begin to converge? One of my Facebook friends posted a link to a short video addressing how the Internet is changing our brains. In a few minutes, it explains how we are wired for distraction. We need to think about the consequences of continual […]

Strategy and songwriting. Part 1.


A little over a decade ago, I was in San Francisco visiting my son, Randy Bias. This was before he became a cloud computing rock star. He shared a big Victorian house with a bunch of amazing, creative people in the heart of the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco. One of his housemates […]

Recruiting Automation vs. Hiring Facilitation

As I continue to reflect on David Smooke’s question, “What can we do to connect people with opportunity?” I wonder why, in this age of light-speed communication, multitudinous weak-tied tribes, and a bandwagon of technology tools to bring it all together, we even have to ask this question. It should be easy—to find a job, […]

Connecting People and Opportunity

David Smooke is a blogger’s best friend when they are blocked. He asked me to write about the “industry” so I asked him to define the industry for me. The title of this post is his definition. I don’t share his definition, by the way, but I do think his definition is how those of […]

Are “Passive” Candidates Superior?

Are “Passive” Candidates Superior? In the olden days, before the internet, when search consultants (recruiters) received fees of 25% or more for white collar professionals with 3-5 years of experience (those were the “good” olden days, believe me!), those of us who wanted to catch the big fish, realized that the money was in finding […]

Recruiting, a Fishy Business

I’ve lived and worked all over the US: Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago, Oregon, and the east coast. I chose to make my homebase in middle Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Tennesseans have many passions: football, music (all kinds) and fishing are at the top. I fit right in. I love football; I came […]

Career Page EEEssentials

John Sumser “published” an HRxaminer article, Star Candidate Experience in 17 steps on Jan 25. I clicked to read it right away – intrigued – for candidate experience is not usually the focus of articles on recruiting strategy. The article was as you would expect from one of the oldest and most respected voices in […]