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I recently attended a workshop sponsored by my local SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) chapter on Employee Engagement and Retention.  There were nearly 100 in attendance, including a prominent thought leader, Dr. Thomas Mahan, of The Work Institute. There was a particulary exciting (as these things go, anyway) exchange between the panelists who included Margaret Morford, President of the HR Edge, Inc., Gardiner Gruenewald, First Tennessee Bank, Sara McManigal, EMMA, and Gail Southwell, PhD., Belmont University. There was a lot of data tossed back and forth, and for someone like me, who wants to “confirm and verify,” I was trying hard to keep up and really wanting a handout with some reference citations.   The one thing everyone could agree on was that managers are key to engagement of employees. And, that engaged employees are productive employees.    It’s Management 101!    OK, most of you reading this already know about the 4 functions of management  And, many of you, will challenge that there are only 4 or that these are the right 4, but, I hope we can all agree that leadership, or at the very least, interaction with our employees, is a fundamental element of the management function. If you…   Continue Reading