About the Talent Architect

Talent Strategies that Work

You need talented, smart and exceptional people to beat the competition. You need the outliers. The Talent Architect doesn’t just find the outliers—we architect a workforce. We blend Human Capital Management with the latest tools of technology and industrial/organizational psychology. We provide expertise in compensation/performance management and legal compliance. We take a marketing approach to acquiring talent and get measurable results.

Strategic workforce planning and development are essential components to building a winning organization. We create a unique workforce foundation for each client depending on the market and competitive conditions.

How We Do It

We know great people. Over the years we’ve built up a vast network, and the extraordinary people we know are the secret to our success. We’ve worked closely with technology companies like IBM, Fujitsu and Motorola. We have connections in the consumer goods market (retail, food service, “network” marketing). We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Seagate Technology, General Mills and Proctor & Gamble. And we’ve found executives and technical experts for Deloitte, Vanderbilt University and WebMD to name just a few.

We’re uniquely positioned to find exceptional talent, and that sets us apart from typical management consulting firms.


Engage with The Talent Architect and you’ll be working with the best. We have years of accumulated experience, industry knowledge and connections, all backed by exemplary credentials. Our consultants bring real world experience, formal education and industry specializations to the table -- we know our stuff, and it serves our clients well.