Serendipity? The Talent Architect expands her horizons.


There are days when I love LinkedIn. Last week, after posting to this blog, I was reading a LinkedIn discussion about SmartRecruiters receiving a $5 Million capital infusion. There was some debate on the viability of their business model and strategy. Being a bit of a strategy geek (two degrees and too many books on […]

3 Keys to Effective Recruiting

Last summer, I had the opportunity to help a friend who was having some challenges staffing his infrastructure team. I hadn’t actively recruited for over five years, but, I thought it would be great fun to be onsite, work with smart people and play with new tools such as Jobvite and Checkster.  It seems like […]

Client dubs me “The Career Whisperer!”

Pat, I want to thank you for your help over the last few months as it has been a inspiring, life-changing experience.  Connecting with you helped me realize just how bad things were at my then present job and how important it was for me to take control of my career and develop a meaningful […]

Picking your battles

Sign saying Please flush the toilet

Vicksburg. The Civil War. In case you missed it, we are “celebrating” the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States, aka The Civil War, which was anything but “civil.” This was the culture war of culture wars. Those who live north of the Mason Dixon line will tell you the war was over slavery. […]

The “Google Earth” for Talent Spotting


The question of the “perfect” candidate is one that anyone who touches the recruiting process must eventually confront. I explained a few of the challenges in my previous blog post and I have been poking around to see what practical tools exist. I began with a long conversation with Lucia Erwin, a Silicon Valley workforce […]

Talent supply vs demand. Where are the candidates?

Empty Office

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a hiring manager make the following complaints about unfilled positions. “This position has been vacant for 9 months.” “We just can’t find the right person.” “HR hasn’t sent me any qualified people.” “I can’t find a good headhunter who can find me someone.” “We have […]

The job application gauntlet

My connection with the talent acquisition (AKA “recruiting”) process goes back several decades. My first recruiting challenges were the most difficult. I was an independent sales rep for Tupperware. Yep. I started out as a Tupperware lady. Everything I know about selling, and recruiting, stems from my early days in direct sales management with “party […]

Engaging in casual text?

group texting

Why not? After all, everyone does these days, right? Now there are many naysayers who say that casual texting is keeping our youth from having higher levels of intimacy. In fact, the doom and gloom associated with such prognostications would indicate that we are on the verge of losing all semblance of humanity. After all, […]

Want high performance? Pay attention!

Don't get caught napping

I recently attended a workshop sponsored by my local SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) chapter on Employee Engagement and Retention.  There were nearly 100 in attendance, including a prominent thought leader, Dr. Thomas Mahan, of The Work Institute. There was a particulary exciting (as these things go, anyway) exchange between the panelists who included […]

Stalled job search? My perspective…

Is your career at a critical junction?

This posting was inspired by the number of responses I received to my February newsletter. I have had a record number of people taking the Career Catalyst Job Search classes and signing up for career coaching. What amazes me, though, is the number of people who are numbed by this recession. Many readers have forwarded […]