Serendipity? The Talent Architect expands her horizons.

There are days when I love LinkedIn. Last week, after posting to this blog, I was reading a LinkedIn discussion about SmartRecruiters receiving a $5 Million capital infusion. There was some debate on the viability of their business model and strategy. Being a bit of a strategy geek (two degrees and too many books on it!), I was hooked. I quickly scanned the news and visited their website. I bookmarked it to revisit when I had more time.

That same evening, when I returned home after being onsite at a client’s all day, I received an email from David Smooke, SmartRecruiters marketing maven, which read, “Hey Pat, You understand the importance of a career Site. Any interest in collaborating with me and writing on SmartRecruiters’ SmartRecruiting Blog?”

Intrigued, I decided to investigate further. I listened to Wempen and Tincup’s interview with SmartRecruiters Founder/CEO, Jerome Ternynck. Jerome has a fascinating story. He was unable to find work in France, his home country, and emigrated to Poland to work. He is now in San Francisco, ostensibly to have a better vantage for the 2013 America’s Cup, but, I’m guessing he had a taste of Peet’s coffee, something I miss nearly every day <sigh>. California wine is tasty, too, but, I digress.

Tincup, as always, gave a great interview, highlighting Ternynck’s passion for zero unemployment. Now, that’s a first! Most recruiting tools are recruiter/employer centric, with secondary (if any) thoughts of benefits to the job seeker. A free applicant tracking/job posting service that cares about people looking for jobs? Whose founder is on a quest for zero unemployment? How could I say “no” to David’s inquiry?

I hope you will visit and comment on my posts. I will post links here, of course, and, now, because I have a new home to talk about talent acquisition, I will write about strategy and innovation here. For the record, I will not be paid to post; my thoughts remain unfettered. Stay tuned!


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